Hi, lovies!  ;-)

So…this is the new blog site.  I did love Tumblr, but I really have been having a hankering to go back to WordPress, which is where I blogged a couple of years ago.  I’m sorry for the switch — this site gives me the ability to organize a bit better and to really see what my stats are on a daily basis.  I love that.  :-)

How did you all sleep last night?  I’ve gotta be honest, I didn’t get many hours in.  However, I woke up feeling really well-rested, which is definitely good enough for me!  What do you all have planned for today?  I am working, of course, and then I have my first dress fitting at 5:30 this evening.  I am so nervous!  Besides that, I am going out for dinner with my dad.  :-)  Very excited about that.

A great blog to check out this morning is Thrifty Decor Chick.  There are some awesome ideas for Fall wreaths showcased here and I definitely have gotten enough inspiration to know what I want to make for Craft Day Friday.  Very excited.

Here are some things I am loving today…

This adorable burlap/ribbon packaging with a lovely stamped gift tag.  So cute.

This saying.  I need to remind myself of this daily.

Stick centerpieces.  I could totally make this into a DIY project.

This fun invitation design.  I am in love.

These beautiful Pottery Barn pillows… For our someday-woodsy-vacation-home.  ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Enjoy every moment!

Love, M