DIY Fall Wreaths


Last Friday I went to Hobby Lobby — again — because I was inspired by this beauty here:

Pretty, huh?  I thought so.  ;-)

Here’s the thing: I walked into Hob Lob and just started piling things into my cart.  Things I didn’t even really need.  I was a woman possessed, my eyes were crazed, and I. went. bananas.  I bought double what I needed (big oops — brought the unused half back yesterday and was not sorry at all to part with it) and I felt bad.  So, Grey and I have come up with a plan for my Hobby Lobby expenditures — we’ve got a budget for me and my DIY craftiness, and I definitely felt better when half of that Fall ‘stuff’ went back on the shelves.

What I did find (and kept) that day were two stick wreaths (like the one in the picture above, but a little bit thicker all-around), one larger than the other — a small one for our door, and a larger one to give away to my sis-in-law and her hubby in congratulations for their new homeownership (woo!!).  I walked the aisles and aisles of flowers and found myself using a color palette that didn’t have the orange-y colors in the photo above, but instead a more brown-rust-dark-red scheme that I liked even better.

When I got home, my craft table was already set up for me (seriously, I love that man), and after I sorted out everything that I didn’t need and would be taking back, I got to work.  I used my hot glue gun for the first time, and absolutely fell in lurrrve with that thing.  Is there a better invention than a glue gun?  At this point, I’m really not sure!  ;-)

The first wreath is definitely my favorite, which is why I knew for certain that I wanted to give it away to Jil.  :-)  Here’s a picture:

With balls of feathers, the occasional Fall flower, and finished off with a lovely brown ribbon with gold trim, I have to say, I was very proud of my first attempt at a Fall wreath.  All of the flowers/add-ons I bought were on long stems, so I just stuck the cut stems into the stick wreath and then hot glued underneath it for extra stickage.  ;-)

I made our wreath next.

I love this one, too.  It’s a little bit more traditional than the other one…kind of more what you would see at a cabin up North, you know?  It’s smaller and looks great on our door.  For the wreath-hanger, well, that actually was a white metal hanger that I found back by the Christmas wreaths.  I just hot-glued some ribbon (the same ribbon I used for Jil’s wreath) around it and it looks really nice.  A little trick I picked up over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  You could also use a ribbon and a nail, I’m sure, but we didn’t want to nail anything into our door — we’re renting, after all.  ;-)

For both wreaths, the total cost was about $40.  From what I have seen from stores around my area of town, a Fall wreath will cost you about $39.99 — that seems to be the general price that I have run across.  There are definitely ways that I could have made this project cheaper, too — such as shopping at the Dollar Store for my add-ons (they’ve got some fun Fall stuff that would adorn a wreath quite nicely!) or really comparing prices between the craft stores for flowers, feathers, etc.  But hey, I think $20 per wreath isn’t bad at all!

Have any of you made your own wreaths for Fall?  If so, I want to see them (and share them on Kisses and Cake)!  Send your work to kissesandcake1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your night.  I’m in the middle of watching a Mandy Moore movie that I can’t get enough of — Love, Wedding, Marriage — it’s just fun!  :-)

Love, M