Light Fixtures


So, I’ve gotta admit — something I am really wanting these days is a new light fixture over our dining room table.  It’s become pretty clear that that is not an option (we’re renting and can’t change the sad-looking thing that was given to us by our apartment complex), and I really do feel like this is the one part about my apartment that I just don’t like.  The rest of our living space I totally love, but this is one area that is completely lack-luster.

This, of course, made me dive into the wonderful world of light fixtures and pick all of my favorites…all of the things that I can’t have (insert pouty face here).  But hey, at least I had fun dreaming…


Pendant Lighting

I love, love, love it.  So much.  Here are some of my faves.


Modern sophistication.

One-of-a-kind look.

Gorgeous intricacies.

Ikea = awesome.

For the farmy-barny look.

I love this more than words.

Omg.  Somebody stop me…


I am a woman obsessed.

Swarovski crystal chandelier.

Funky and fun.

I also took a look at dining rooms with light fixtures that I love…the whole package.  :-)







Do you prefer pendant lighting or chandeliers?

What does the fixture above your dining room table look like?

Love, M